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The home is one of the few places where we spend most of our time. We consider it as our sanctuary that keeps us safe, comfortable, and relaxed after a long and tiring day at work. It also offers us a sense of respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, your home can also be a place that could put you and your family at risk. This happens when you allow pollutants and other harmful substances to stay inside your home for a long time. One good example is poor indoor air, which can be caused by improper ventilation. Failing to address this problem could result in mould problems and health issues.

Indoor Air Quality

You will encounter a lot of problems if do not deal with air quality problems in your home in Perth. Some of the problems that you will face include mould growth in areas that are damp and poorly ventilated. Mould produces substances or spores that could lead to health issues like wheezing, nasal congestion, and coughing. Prolonged exposure to these pollutants could spur health problems like lung disease and chronic respiratory diseases. The black mould or Stachybotrys chartarum is the most common and dangerous types of moulds. Though not proven, it was linked to the death of more than 10 kids in the early 1990s.

You will also deal with condensation if you fail to address your home’s ventilation issues. Condensation basically occurs when the temperature and moisture reach unmanageable levels. It could result in mould growth and mildew formation, which does not only affect the integrity of your home but also have a negative impact on your health and that of your family’s. Other issues that could be brought on by improper ventilation include higher concentrations of radon gas and VOCs or volatile organic compounds.

Mouldbuster: The Experts In Ventilation Systems

Mouldbuster helps customers with their mould problems and ventilation needs. You can count on us whether you are from Western Suburbs and Eastern Suburbs. You can choose from a wide range of home ventilation systems and professional services like mould growth and rising damp treatment.

The whole house ventilation system, which comes in the form of an HRV unit, is installed on the roof. It distributes clean air throughout the house after it filtered the air that it drew outdoors. This unobtrusive system can help remove mould, mildew, condensation, and foul odours inside your house. It can also improve air quality and lower your electricity bills.

The next systems are the sub floor ventilation system and the wet area ventilation system. The former is available in three different types – balanced pressure, supply, and exhaust system. They all work by drawing stagnant and moist air in the sub floor and replace it with cleaner and fresher air, which was drawn outdoors. Meanwhile, the latter was designed for wet areas in the house like the bathroom, toilet, and the kitchen. It comes with several features like a digitally controlled brushless motor, an Intelliswitch smart timer, and high quality design. It can remove moisture and bathroom smells after taking a shower.

The last system is called the basement ventilation system. Needless to say, this unit is made for the basements to make sure that it is moist free and has a good indoor air quality. All of these units are available to the residents of Northern Suburbs and Southern Suburbs.

If you are from Perth and you are looking for a reputable provider of home ventilation systems, do not hesitate to contact Mouldbuster. Contact us now and get a free home assessment.