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The home is a sanctuary for individuals and families. It is the place where people feel safe and protected from all types of harm. But what if the problem that can put the health of your family at risk is inside your home? What will you do if this concern comes in the form of mould? Don’t fret. MouldBuster is here to help you.

The Basics

Before we elaborate on what we do, let us first take a quick look at the basics of mould. It is a fungus that grows in the form of what we call as filaments. It triggers the biodegradation of natural materials. For instance, mould growth causes food spoilage and to a greater extent, property damage. Mould appears in various colors, which is affected by the nutrient source and the age of the colony. Although it plays an important role in the earth’s ecosystem, its spores and fragments can be harmful to the health of those who inhale them constantly.

Growth And Spread

These organisms require water, food, oxygen, and a warm temperature for them to grow. It can grow on wood and other natural materials. It can also grow on synthetic times like adhesives, pastes, and paints. Mould cannot feed off on concrete or metal, but it could grow on the dirt or hairs that may be found on their surfaces. Aside from preferring wet or damp materials, they also get their moisture from the air through high humidity. Its spread can be done through the extension of its hyphae or the release and distribution of its spores to other locations by air or water. To put it simply, mould can develop due to water damage. It can also enter your home through open doors, windows, ventilation systems as well as heating and air conditioning systems.

Health Effects Of Mould

People’s bodies have different reactions to mould. Some may experience some alterations in their health while others feel nothing at all. Individuals who are sensitive to mould may experience nasal stiffness, throat irritation, coughing, skin problems and eye irritation. Those who have a weak immune system and persons who suffer from chronic lung illness like obstructive lung disease exhibit severe reactions when exposed to mould.

MouldBuster To The Rescue

We, at MouldBuster, understand the importance of keeping families safe at home all time. We also recognize the fact that every aspect of your home should be free of any form of danger that may harm your loved ones. In line with that, our company provides efficient home ventilation services and mould removal to the residents of Northern Beaches. We offer expert solutions like whole house ventilation and subfloor ventilation. We also provide wet area ventilation and basement ventilation.

Our team will find the source and other potential growth spots. Although you can also watch for signs of its presence at your home, it is still best to hire the professional to do this job. Our experts are armed with the knowledge, years of experience and the right equipment to get this job done. Once we find the mould, we will remove it immediately using tried and tested methods.

We offer high-quality services at very affordable prices. Besides that, our expert home ventilation services can also help reduce your electricity bills. After we perform our services, we can guarantee that your home will be mildew, condensation, and odor free. It will smell and look clean and fresh. Above all, it will be safe for your family.

If you wish to know more about MouldBuster, feel free to call us at 1300 403 132.

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