Roof Extraction Ventilation System


Adequate Roof Ventilation

Removing the trapped heat from your roof is a simple way to cool your home and improve the performance of your ducted air conditioning or cooling system.  A whirlybird or even 2 or 3 cannot physically move enough air to make any appreciable difference to your roof temperature and more importantly to the temperature inside your home (you live in the home not in the roof cavity).

Commercial warehouses can be especially hot and affect employee health and productivity.

A Typical Solution

We can bring sufficient air flow to make a difference.  The air flow needs to be calibrated to the size of the premises.


Depending on roof accessibility, from as little as $1000


Straightforward – if not scared of heights.

Getting Rid Of Trapped Roof Heat From Commercial/Residential

We have a range of solutions for removing trapped roof , attic and upstairs heat.  Such solutions require massive airflow to be effective – a whirlybird or two just wont cut it!

A quality roof heat extraction system will make your air conditioning much more efficient and effective and will cool your home at a fraction of the cost of refrigerated solutions.

Many homeowners have unrealistic expectations of what is possible in Australia’s hot summers.  We can move “any air – anywhere”, so talk to us to get a realistic assessment of how ventilation can cool your home.


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