Other Ventilation


We are experts in air movement.  Talk to us about any of your air movement needs.  Projects completed include: (case studies available)

– Residential swimming pools
– Heat extraction from a dry cleaners
– Cool air transfer from downstairs to upstairs.
– Heat transfer from central fire places
– Switch rooms in multi storey unit blocks
– Odour extraction from pre school bathrooms.
– Fume extraction from machinery shop.

We Can Move Any Air Anywhere – Here are some other common ventilation projects we can solve:

Eco/sealed Homes – Pose significant issues for ventilation and indoor air quality.  Talk to us before you build as such systems can often NOT be retrofitted.  A double or triple glazed window is a zero glazed window when opened.  So why have these windows if you are going to leave them open?  That’s right you want to breathe!!

Indoor Domestic Pools – These are becoming increasingly popular in Australian homes. We can help with ventilation solutions that will typically be a fraction of the cost (capital and running) of commercial style solutions.

Heat Transfer Systems – Very popular in rural communities.  Do you have a wood or pellet fire or large gas heater at one end of the house and freeze at the other end of the house.  We supply and install systems to move this heat around your home.  Many of the kits you can buy online are a waste of money.  Talk to the experts.

Basement Gyms and Cinema Rooms – Becoming very popular.  The building code requires windows for very good reasons.  If you don’t have windows you need ventilation.  We are experts in this field.  Consult us before you build such rooms.  Remember your golf clubs, tools and pushbikes don’t breathe or feel windchill – people do.  When you convert that unused basement or garage you must allow for the sweating, breathing, cooking, washing humans.


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