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On average, we spend most of our time inside our house. Because of this simple reason, it is important for us to make sure that the atmosphere inside your home is safe. Your indoor setting should be conducive to living since it can affect your health and that of your family members. In line with that, it is necessary for you to maintain the quality of your indoor air. Fortunately, MouldBuster is here to help.

MouldBuster is a reputable provider of efficient ventilation-related services to various residents in Victoria. We provide ventilation systems that are customized according to the individual needs of our clients. Among the services that we offer include effective mould removal and the elimination of mildew, condensation and odours. We also offer whole house ventilation, sub floor ventilation, wet area ventilation, and basement ventilation.

Reduce Condensation

Having a home with proper ventilation can help reduce condensation. It is basically a condition that is triggered when humid air cools quickly and is unable to produce water vapor. When this happens, moisture goes to the coldest areas where it condenses and forms water droplets in surfaces of windows and walls. This can cause wallpapers to peel off, start the formation of mould and mildew and lead to damages to wood supports.

Lower Concentrations Of Radon Gas

Another important benefit of having a home with an efficient ventilation is that it will have lesser concentrations of radon gas. It is an odorless and colorless gas that forms when the uranium found in rocks and soil decomposes. This type of gas has been linked to some cases of lung cancer. Radon gas is more likely to form in inadequately ventilated houses near mines, water treatment centers, and caves.

Decreases VOC Concentrations

Getting sufficient ventilation also reduces the concentration of volatile organic compounds. VOCs are produced from household chemicals, as well as some furnishings and goods. Although it is impossible to totally eliminate VOCs from indoor air, having sufficient home ventilation will lessen its concentration.

Lessens Allergens At Home

Having a fully functional ventilation system helps get rid of pollen, dust and other allergens that can be trapped inside your home. By getting rid of these particles, your family will be safe from possible allergic reactions.

Prevents Asthma Attack And Protects Respiratory Health

Asthma attacks and other respiratory diseases may be triggered by conditions that are damp and mouldy, which could also lead to the accumulation of dust mites at home. These dust mites can cause skin irritations like eczema and itching. It can also lead to breathing problems and other respiratory diseases.

Our Services

MouldBuster offers the inAIR iA85 PPFV to residents in Victoria. This system is efficient at removing damp, condensation, mould, and mildew. It is unobtrusive since it is placed on the roof of the client’s house.It helps lower electricity bills, maintains better air quality, and keeps your home smelling fresh and clean. We also offer sub floor ventilation including the balanced pressure system, positive pressure system, and exhaust system. The size of the fans used in a system will be based on the size of your home’s subfloor and the materials used to build it.

Wet area ventilation is also among our expert solutions. We use the inAIR B500 Wet area extraction system, which is known for its impeccable quality and design. It comes with a long and quite lifespan and is the best system to use in wet areas. Furthermore, basement ventilation is also one of our specialties.

If you want to know more about the expert ventilation services that we offer, do not hesitate to call us at 1300 066 853.

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