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One of the few places that we consider as our sanctuary is our home. We spend more than 12 hours inside our house and it is only natural for us to make sure that we always keep it safe and clean. However, there are certain harmful agents that can be found inside our home. One of these is mould, which could destroy the integrity of the home and negatively impact the health of the home’s occupants. As a homeowner, you need to know all about it, how to prevent it, how to get rid of it.

A Brief Overview

Mould grows on organic materials particularly on those that are damp. It may appear in white or black but it can also be seen in different colors. They may appear as a stain that produces a must odour. Mould does not need a lot of things to survive. They only require basic factors like moisture and a viable material where it can live on. They could show up in several parts of your home like window sills, walls, carpets, bathroom and kitchen. Mould releases spores, which you or your family could breathe in unknowingly. Prolonged exposure to these spores can lead to health problems.

What You Should Do

It is very important to know how to get rid of mould and how to prevent it from growing. This is one of the best ways to secure the health of your family. Whether your home is located in Cottage Point, Oxford Falls, Clareville or Warriewood, you should know how to identify if it is growing in your home. A few areas that you should look into are the basement, under or behind storage bins, under the sink and other damp areas. You should also keep in mind that there are instances when the mould is hidden like inside wall spaces.

Removing mould is easier said than done. If you plan to take this task on your own, you need to be sure that you know exactly what you are doing. You also have to be familiar with the ways as to how to perform the job correctly and safely. You need to have protective gears and use the right and most effective solution to get rid of this problem. However, if you wish to stay on the safe side and perhaps because you do not what to do, then you can always hire a professional. Mouldbuster should be the first one on your list. We cater to the ventilation and mould removal needs of people from different locations including Forestville, Elanora Heights, or Freshwater.

You might ask why you should choose us. There are several reasons to do so. The first one is our skills in doing our job thoroughly, correctly and safely. We also have a good reputation of providing clients living in the Balgowlah Heights, Palm Beach and Seaforth with high quality services. We also offer a wide range of ventilation systems including whole house ventilation, sub floor ventilation, wet area ventilation and basement ventilation.

Our team will handle your rising damp problem and mould issues immediately using the right techniques and equipment. We will identify the source of the problem and take the right steps to ensure its appropriate removal.

If you are from the Northern Beaches and you need services related to ventilation or mould removal, do not hesitate to call Mouldbuster. We are always ready to assist you with your concerns.

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