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Mould Prevention In Greater Western Sydney

Mould is a harmful agent that you would not like to have at home. However, several residences in Greater Western Sydney have this type of fungus in their bathrooms and kitchens. Despite its prevalence, many homeowners dismiss their existence and do not tend to do much about it. Apart from being an eyesore, mould can spur various health problems especially among children, the elderly and individuals who have a weak immune system.

What Is It?

So, what is mould? It is a fungal organism that is too small to be visible to the human eye. It comes in different forms and develops indoors, particularly in wet and moist surfaces. They may hide behind wallpapers but, in some cases, they appear as unsightly marks on the wall, windows and other visible areas.

How To Prevent It?

Mould prevention would seem impossible for those who have tried to remove it on their own. They could attest that getting rid of it would require more than just repainting the affect wall. Covering it up will not work. What you need to do is get down to its source and stops it from spreading. You can make some changes in your home in CamdenPenrith or Auburn to prevent mould growth.

First, you should never dry your clothes in spaces that are enclosed. If you have no choice because there’s no washing line outside, you can dry your clothes inside as long as the windows and doors are wide open. Always remember that wet clothes add moisture to the environment and increase the risks of mould growth.

Second, take a shower using low-level heating. It is also best to have a heated towel rail, heated mirror and underfloor heating as they are not only environmentally-friendly but also consume less electricity. Apart from that, consuming lesser amount of heat could reduce condensation, which means your walls and windows are less susceptible to mould growth. Third, place your bathroom and bedroom furniture a few centimeters away from the walls to allow air to circulate better and prevent dampness.

How To Remove It?

Preventing mould from growing is important but it is also crucial for you to know how to get rid of it from your home, which may be located in Parramatta or Blacktown. You may try to remove this unsightly stain using a water and bleach solution. Apply this solution on the affected surfaces and scrub away using a hard bristled brush. However, you need to be prepared to repaint the walls after you do this. You should also be careful when using bleach and wear protective gears like gloves.

You may also seek the services of Mouldbuster such as rising damp removal. Our team offers high-quality mould removal services and energy efficient ventilation systems. You can choose between whole house ventilation, subfloor ventilation, wet area ventilation and basement ventilation. Our team of experts will do their best to protect your family and your home by removing the mould as well as its source. They will eradicate mould, mildew, condensation and odours while using free energy efficient heat to warm and dry the affected areas. All these will not only help you have a cleaner home but also help reduce your electricity bills. They will also give you some tips as to how you can prevent this from happening in the future.

Are you from Holroyd or Fairfield? Do you need help in removing mould from your house? Are you looking for an efficient home ventilation system? Contact Mouldbuster now and we will assist you with your needs.

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