“I just don’t know how we have lived without it for so long”

I had the ventilation unit installed less than a week ago and while I thought it would take some time to notice the difference, I must say I was extremely surprised at the immediate results. The house is way less ‘stuffy’ and what once felt like rooms of stale air now feels like a cleansed home. The difference in the air quality has blown me away (no pun intended).The change has been so effective and essentially instantaneous once installation was complete. There is no longer an odour upon entering the home after it has been closed up for the day and the temperature in the house is so comfortable now. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about this at first however now I just don’t know how we have lived without it for so long. Thank you so much.
D. Whiteford

After having the system installed, the moisture was immediately removed

My husband and I had quite a serious moisture problem in our house. This was causing mould internally and we were extremely concerned about the health of our young family. Matt Reardon from Mould Buster visited our house on more than one occasion to investigate underneath the premises and externally. He came up with a solution and explained to me very clearly how it worked. After having the system installed, the moisture was immediately removed. The house has a fresher and drier smell to it and we no longer wake up to water running down the windows internally. The temperature is steady, cooler and we no longer have a mouldy smell in our house.

Amanda, Sydney

“Our home now never gets a chill”

I have been greatly impressed by the HRV systems ability to provide some heating during most of winter, even when overcast. If no additional heating is provided, Liz and I have generally used as a rule of thumb that the HRV system alone, will heat the entire house to the forecast high temperature of the day. This then allows minimal heat input from our wood heater to “top up” the house temperature. We have found that our home now never gets a chill. In conclusion Liz and I would have no hesitation in recommending a HRV System to anyone, we believe we have received real value for money…
Tony, Seaspray, Vic

“My house has felt warmer and drier…. ”

Thank you so much MouldBuster for the installing the HRV system. Since having the system installed, my house has felt warmer and drier and we rarely had to put the heater on this winter. Thank you again all your help, we definately will be recommending you to all our friends.

Helen, Western Sydney

“My hay fever is non existent since installing the HRV.”

I love my “HRV”. Since moving into my new house with my Heat Recovery System, the dust levels have been minimal. No thick layers of dust covering my timber furniture. The house has a fresh smell , no stale odours, and the best thing is the Security aspect. Fresh air with the windows closed. What I notice also, is the even temperature throughout the house. NO cold spots as you walk from room to room. With the HRV system when the heating is on the warmth seems to be all around you, creating a warm and cosy atmosphere. My hay fever is non existent since installing the HRV. No irritating dust or pollen smells in the house. It is refreshing for a system to actually do what they say it will. It has been a standout system that we installed for its energy saving properties. How refreshing, a home without dust, warm and cosy , even temperatures throughout, Its what home has become with The HRV System…

Bev, Cowes, Vic